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CIN Articles

  1. Help us help you make better use of dairy data. Hoard’s Dairyman. February 10 2020 (Article)
  2. Farming out data-driven decisions. Hoard’s Dairyman.  March 25 2020 (Article)
  3. Data: Think big, but start small. Hoard’s Dairyman.  April 10 2020 (Article)
  4. Making data work on the farm. Hoard’s Dairyman.  April 25 2020 (Article)
  5. Creating value from data. Hoard’s Dairyman. May 10 2020 (Article)

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Data ownership

The CIN will need to discuss who owns the data?  From an intellectual property concerns, future data sharing process, transfer of data access rights among others.

Data security

This design document will need to address the technical aspect of data security and will serve as a primary trust platform to manage data-enable management strategies

Best practices for data collection

Collecting high quality data will be critical for the development of analytical tools. Therefore, this design document will focus on educating those on the farm who are responsible for data collection systems, and prioritize data quality.

Best practices for data communication

This design document will map out the best practices for communicating data and metadata through Application Programming Interface (API) to other users.

Potential growth of an API ecosystem in the dairy industry

The objective of this design document is to conduct a business market analysis to show the revenue potential of a dairy industry that utilizes and API ecosystem model to share data. And discuss the potential applications for APIs within the dairy industry.

Strategies to monetize API access

This design document will discuss different revenue models that currently exist and can be adopted by the dairy industry, and also potential need to develop novel revenue models that could help adjust the differences between the dairy and other data intensive industries. 

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