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    The main goal of the CIN is to raise awareness, create guidelines (design documents) and facilitate conversations and implementation of services, standards and designs related to data in the dairy industry. As a CIN member, you are expected to: 1. Participate actively in one or more of the subcommittees of the development of the design documents. 2. Give feedback to the overall project that includes 4 objectives. 3.Engage and participate in the meetings and e-mails discussions of the overall project and for the development of the documents (this could be done online to facilitate the logistic- meetings will be organized as needed and will be flexible according to your schedule). In return to your participation, you will be part of an international network that will provide ideas that will help the continuous development of the dairy industry and share experiences of previous accomplishments about data integration and applications. You will also learn and be updated about what is going on in our Dairy Brain project and be exposed to similar developments in other places around the globe.